Protecting Your Commercial Building's Water Supply: Ultraviolet Purification

Posted on: 28 July 2015

When it comes to drinking water, purification is essential. After all, with everything from microorganisms to chemicals and mineral deposits in the water, you want to be sure that what you're drinking is safe. If you're trying to treat water in large volumes, such as for a commercial environment, you need something that's both effective and efficient. That's what makes ultraviolet water purification a great choice. Here are some things you should know about ultraviolet purification for your water supply.

What Does Ultraviolet Purification Get Rid Of?

Ultraviolet purification systems are great for disinfecting water. No matter what kind of bacteria you are concerned about, ultraviolet rays can likely eliminate it. Since chemical disinfectants like chlorine can create potentially dangerous byproducts, it's important to seek other options for treating your water supply. With an ultraviolet purification system, you can treat large volumes of water without the need for any chemical disinfectants.

What Are the Benefits of Ultraviolet Purification?

In addition to being free of chemicals, another benefit to ultraviolet purification is the fact that it doesn't alter the taste of the water. Your water will also be free of that chlorine chemical odor that can be present when large amounts of disinfectant are needed for contamination concerns. Since it relies on ultraviolet light bulbs and electricity, it's a fairly cost-effective method for purification, because the bulbs don't use much energy, and the only maintenance the system requires is a replacement bulb periodically.

What Are the Limitations of Ultraviolet Purification?

Although ultraviolet water purification is great for eliminating bacteria from the water, ultraviolet radiation cannot eliminate chemicals or minerals from the water. That means that you'll need an additional purification system in place to address these things. A reverse-osmosis system or something similar should be sufficient for this, and the combination will provide you with comprehensive water treatment.

What Size Ultraviolet Purification Unit Do I Need?

To choose the right size unit for your commercial system, you'll have to do some careful consideration of your peak water usage. Think about how many water fixtures you have throughout your building, including restrooms, kitchen and break areas. Calculate the flow rates of each one. There are standard flow ratings for these fixtures if you're not sure what yours are rated for. Add them all up to see how much water would flow if they were all opened at the same time. You'll want an ultraviolet system that's rated to treat enough water so that you can be confident in your water safety even if every fixture in the building is turned on at once.

If you're looking for a safe, effective way to purify water, talk with your local purification and water treatment specialist about installing an ultraviolet system in your building.