Metal Recycling: Extra Cash for A Good Cause

Unusual Investments For Your Portfolio

Sure, you could invest in stocks and bonds and find that you may make some money as they increase in price, but nothing is a sure thing. For those who don’t like to follow the crowd and want to do something a little different, there are other investment strategies that can help you make money. […]

Protecting Your Commercial Building’s Water Supply: Ultraviolet Purification

When it comes to drinking water, purification is essential. After all, with everything from microorganisms to chemicals and mineral deposits in the water, you want to be sure that what you’re drinking is safe. If you’re trying to treat water in large volumes, such as for a commercial environment, you need something that’s both effective […]

How To Get Scrap Copper Ready To Be Sold

Many people are interested in buying scrap copper because it is cheaper than purchasing regular copper or copper wires, helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, and is usually fairly easy to obtain. As a result, many people entering the scrap metal business will start trying to sell scrap copper first. It’s […]

Create A System To Filter And Purify Water While Camping

While camping, remove harmful contaminants from the water that you are going to drink by creating a water filtration and purification system with an empty plastic container. Harmful contaminants will be filtered from the water. After boiling the filtered water, bacteria and parasites will be eliminated, leaving you with a healthy supply to enjoy. Use […]

4 Benefits Of Choosing Solar Power For Your Home

The rising cost of traditional energy sources, as well as concern for the state of the environment, has left many people considering solar power for their home. The popularity of solar power is increasing every year, and it has never been more affordable to equip your home with the equipment needed to harness the power […]