• Property Line Debates: Who Is Responsible For Removing A Dead Tree?

    Large trees often tower over more than one property, especially when the tree is planted close to the property line. Unfortunately, this can often result in a heated debate whenever the topic of removing these trees comes up. In many cases, neighbors may struggle to determine who is responsible for paying for the tree removal, and may even argue over whether or not the other neighbor has the right to remove the tree in the first place. [Read More]

  • Learn How To Start Recycling The Right Way

    Recycling is important for the environment. It is far better for society to reuse the items that have already been created than to continue to make more items. Recycling is something that takes proper planning, though. Use the following guide to learn the right way to start recycling. Metal When you want to start recycling metal cans, you need to take the time to rinse them out before you do anything else with them. [Read More]

  • When Smoggy Conditions Prevail What Can You Do?

    Smog is a frequent problem of regions where population is dense, automotive traffic is high, and geographic conditions create conditions where smog develops. These factors, plus weather related situations, could make smog a serious health risk to residents. When smog levels intensify, or are a regular situation, what can you do to help reduce the health risks? What Creates Smog Smog is a common problem addressed by residents in large metropolitan areas and is also referred to as photochemical Smog. [Read More]