Learn How To Remove Unsightly Tree Stumps On Your Property

Posted on: 20 May 2015

If tree stumps are scattered on the property that you have just purchased, learn how to remove them with the following steps. After the stumps have been eliminated, plant grass seed in the areas that are bare. Soon, you will have a beautiful lawn to enjoy when you are spending time outdoors.

Use The Following Items

  • power drill
  • safety goggles
  • can of stump remover
  • ax
  • caution tape
  • garden stakes
  • scissors
  • vinyl tarps
  • bricks
  • concrete blocks
  • water hose
  • wheelbarrow
  • work gloves
  • garden shovel
  • topsoil
  • grass seed

​Drill Holes In The Stumps

Put on a pair of safety goggles. Use a power drill to make holes that are a couple inches deep in the top and sides of each stump. Fill all of the holes with stump remover. Many brands of stump remover come in a container that has a pointed opening. This part can be inserted into each hole so that you do not spill the contents in the bottle.

Cover And Barricade The Stumps

Since stump remover contains dangerous chemicals, cover and barricade each one so that people or pets do not come into contact with them. Most brands of remover contain potassium nitrate which is responsible for speeding up the decomposition process. Place a vinyl tarp over each stump. Secure the edges of the tarp with bricks or concrete blocks. Attach caution tape to garden stakes and insert them into the ground around each area that has been treated. A tree removal service is another option if safety is a concern.

The stumps will become soft and spongy after a few weeks. You can test how soft they are by pressing the end of a garden shovel against each one. If the stumps are resilient to the pressure that is applied by the shovel, they are ready to be removed.

Remove The Stumps

Put on a pair of protective goggles and work gloves. Strike the base of the first stump with an ax. The ax will easily cut into the wood, making it easy for you to remove large pieces of it. Continue to chip away at the stump until all of it has been removed.

The root system that is underneath each stump does not need to be removed completely. Removing parts of the roots that are close to the ground will provide you with plenty of room to grow grass. Use the ax to chop them up into smaller pieces. Place all of the wood pieces into a wheelbarrow so that you can move them to another part of the property. Remove all of the remaining stumps with the same steps.

Plant Grass Seed

Fill in the areas that the stumps were previously located with topsoil. Sprinkle a liberal amount of grass seed in each section. Use a water hose to keep the grass seed moist. Watering them a couple times each day for a few weeks will promote healthy growth. You will soon see beautiful grass in the areas that once contained stumps. Your lawn will be attractive and will provide you with plenty of space when you are relaxing outdoors.