Create A System To Filter And Purify Water While Camping

Posted on: 11 March 2015

While camping, remove harmful contaminants from the water that you are going to drink by creating a water filtration and purification system with an empty plastic container. Harmful contaminants will be filtered from the water. After boiling the filtered water, bacteria and parasites will be eliminated, leaving you with a healthy supply to enjoy.

Use The Following Materials

  • plastic containers
  • knife
  • sand
  • gravel
  • charcoal
  • large rock
  • cloth
  • grass
  • scissors
  • empty bowl or container
  • water
  • pot 
  • matches

Set Up The Filter

Create a filter with an empty plastic container. Insert several small holes in the bottom of the container with a pocket knife. The holes will allow the filtered water to pass through. Place a small piece of cloth across the bottom of the container. If you do not have any cloth on hand, add a thin layer of grass. Add a couple inches of gravel or small pebbles on top of the fabric or grass. Arrange this layer so that it is the same thickness across the bottom of the container. Add a thin layer of sand on top of the gravel.

Add Powdered Charcoal

If you have access to charcoal, break it up by striking it with a large rock until it disintegrates into a fine powder. Place the charcoal on a flat, hard surface while completing this step. The carbon in charcoal will remove chlorine, sediment, and foul odors from water. Place the ground-up charcoal in a small container and pour a thin layer of it on top of the sand. Try to do this so that it is evenly distributed.

Filter The Water

Collect water from a stream or pond. Set the filter on top of a bowl. Pour the water into the top of the filter. As the water makes its way through all of the layers, sediment and other contaminants will be removed. After all of the water has been filtered, purify it by boiling it. To do this, set up a small fire at your campsite. Pour the filtered water into a pot. Place the pot on the fire until the water comes to boil. Remove the water and wait for it to cool down.

Boiling the water will remove bacteria and parasites that were not eliminated with the filtration process. Knowing how to filter and purify your water while camping will ensure that you are not exposed to harmful contaminants. Knowing how to do create this type of system can also come in handy if you are ever faced with another situation in which no running water is available. 

For more information, contact AK Quality Water Conditioning LLC or a similar company.