• 4 Benefits Of Choosing Solar Power For Your Home

    The rising cost of traditional energy sources, as well as concern for the state of the environment, has left many people considering solar power for their home. The popularity of solar power is increasing every year, and it has never been more affordable to equip your home with the equipment needed to harness the power of the sun. Some of the top benefits of solar power include: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint [Read More]

  • The Dangers Faced By Sanitation Workers

    Sanitation workers that perform trash removal services for homes and businesses face a host of physical and biological dangers. Some risks are present because of the nature of their jobs, but many are preventable and caused by carelessness on the part of the customers. These risks include: Danger of physical injuries Sanitation workers must lift heavy trash cans on a consistent basis, which may lead to repetitive stress injuries to back, shoulder, and other muscle groups. [Read More]

  • 3 Maintenance Tips For Your SLA Battery

    Sealed lead acid batteries can be useful for many purposes, but they can be a fairly big investment when compared to other types of batteries. To make yours last as long as possible and to get your money's worth out of it, you have to take good care of your SLA battery. Fortunately, following these simple maintenance tips can help you keep your battery in good condition for a long time to come. [Read More]

  • Four Facts You May Not Know About Diesel Fuel

    You know that diesel is used to power semi trucks, some large pickups, and tractors. You probably know that industrial equipment also often relies on this efficient fuel source for heavy machinery. There may be a lot of things you already know about how diesel fuel is used, but there are many fun facts you may have never heard before. Here are four facts you probably do not know about diesel fuel, its history, and how it is used. [Read More]